Colin Paillin brings you boat handling experiences and courses in the East Midlands


Welcome to our boat handling training centre. We aim to provide an experience on wide beam boats and narrow boats on inland waterways that will give you more confidence in handling your boat. We can also give you a taste for what handling a larger craft can be like if you are thinking of purchasing a Dutch Barge or wide beam boat. A formal Helmsman course is available and is the most popular option covering the basics of inland waterways boat handling. 

Our Centre

Our centre uses the historical Dutch Barge Anja for the practical wide beam experience, lunch on board and the theoretical parts. This gives participants a live-a-board experience and shows what can be achieved in an traditional Dutch Barge in terms of layout and engine etc. Participants are invited to stay over night on board in their own private cabin to complete the experience (not essential). See fee page for Course Options


We aim to provide the best experience so keep numbers on each course low. A maximum of 3 people on each course, ideally one to one, or couples/friends so that the experience is the best that can be achieved. 

We invite you to learn more about what we can offer by exploring the website. If you would like to speak to Colin, please do not hesitate to contact him on 07801 384898