Anja Dutch Barge

Technical details:

73 ft long x 12.6ft wide by 4ft deep, gross tonnage 50, powered originally by Caterpillar motor 60 hp.  

Sold out of service in 1997 in Maastricht, Holland and sailed over to Brentford, UK in 1998 engine and tanks removed, Scania diesel fitted and new cabins welded on and converted to live-aboard. Renamed again to her current name Anja.

Brought to Nottingham in 2000 where she was moored until brought by present owner late 2012 when the Scania was removed and a Gardner 6LXB 120 Bhp was fitted, other minor works carried out.

Dutch barge Anja

Anja Luxemotor (Dutch Barge)

Anja was built in Foxhol near Groningen in North Holland by Gebr Bodewes. She was launched on the 17th September 1929; built as a motor ship with tanks in her hold, what she carried and where is still not clear. She was named 'Transporteur 3' at this time, working in the north of Holland. 

She was renamed in 1943 to 'Nobi M2' and moved to Rotterdam to work.  

In 1948 she moved again to Amsterdam and was renamed 'Trio'. 

Dutch barge Anja